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I assume that if you've found this page you probably already know something about Ethshar, but just in case you don't: "Ethshar" is the name of an imaginary land that's the setting for an open-ended series of fantasy stories by Lawrence Watt-Evans.

Which is to say, me.

This is one portion of the Misenchanted Page, my somewhat tangled and over-ambitious personal and business website. Like many websites, it may have bits that are under construction and/or partly out of date.

I do have An Introduction to Ethshar, which gives a quick overview of the setting, and pages about all the Ethshar novels, both published and planned.

There is now an Ethshar Wiki. Serious Ethshar fans should give it a look and maybe contribute. No, I didn't start it or write any of it, though I've made some corrections.

I sell a few Ethshar-related tchotchkes in my Cafe Press store.

The Misenchanted Sword

With A Single Spell

The Unwilling Warlord

What's What with Ethshar Today:

There are, as of February 2024, fifteen published Ethshar novels (with more in development) and eleven published short pieces. Those eleven short Ethshar stories published to date have now been collected in a single volume, Tales of Ethshar, published by Wildside Press. In addition to the eleven stories, one of which had never before been published in this form, there's introductory material. "The Warlock's Refuge," which was incorporated into The Unwelcome Warlock, is included, as is my 2011 April Fool's joke, Chapter 1 of The Unwanted Wardrobe.

A twelfth short Ethshar stories (or maybe it's a novelet), entitled "TheHarvest," isn't published yet.

Fourteen of the fifteen published Ethshar novels are in print from Wildside Press in trade paperback and as e-books. Mass-market paperbacks, not so much.

Tor still owns the rights to Night of Madness. They have an ebook available.

Taking Flight

The Blood of a Dragon

The Spell of the Black Dagger

What Dreams May Come: The Future of Ethshar

Yes, it has a future. I'm not doing serials anymore, but publishing through Wildside Press seems to work well enough.

I had once hoped to maybe relaunch the series from a major publisher as YA ("young adult"), aimed at teenagers, but that idea doesn't seem to have gone anywhere.

One thing about e-books -- the pressures that force paper books toward certain sizes aren't there. E-books can be any length. This means I can be pretty flexible. Wildside Press is fine with short books, too.

I have sometimes considered printing up maps -- maybe as posters, maybe in an atlas or guidebook of some sort. That's all still vague, though.

Night of Madness

Ithanalin's Restoration

The Spriggan Mirror

If you're wondering about that map in the logo at the top of the page -- well, that's a portion of the original map of Ethshar that I drew more than fifty years ago, long before I knew that I would ever actually write stories set there. There are several much more detailed maps that I worked up later and used for reference while creating the stories, but I thought that one would be appropriate here for its historic value.

The Vondish Ambassador

The Unwelcome Warlock

The Sorcerer's Widow

I invite comment on this site, either by e-mail, or on my Facebook page, or on one of my blogs: The Mind Control Lasers Lied to Me and The Serial Box -- what am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? What would you like to see?

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to have more for you soon.

-- Lawrence Watt-Evans

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