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Want to know about all the Ethshar novels, past, present, and future? Here's a starting point.

Below you'll find a list of all the published novels. Click on a title here and you'll be taken to a page about that novel. A couple of the individual pages have sub-pages of their own, with deleted scenes or explanations of cover art or whatever.

If you'd like to know just a bit more about them, rather than all the details about a specific title, the Published Novels page will give you an overview.

The series began at Del Rey Books in 1985, then switched over to Tor in 2000. From 2005 through 2014 they were serialized online, and the complete novels (as well as new editions of the earlier books) were published by Wildside Press. Since then, they have gone directly to Wildside Press without serialization. As the series goes on I expect that to continue; we'll see. For awhile I was planning to move it to my own company, Misenchanted Press, but I've decided, at least for now, not to bother.

All the published Ethshar novels are in print at present in ebook form, all but Night of Madness in trade paperback, and a couple in hardcover. You'll find direct links to online booksellers who carry them on the individual pages and on the Published Novels page.

And what about the novels that aren't yet written? Some of them have been started, actually, but how far they've gotten varies; sometimes you can find news about them on my "Works in Progress" page. Generally speaking, they don't yet have separate pages; instead, each is listed with a brief description on the Planned Novels page. These are all stories I hope to write eventually.

Eventually I hope to provide more information about all of these, written or not, such as a chronology showing when the novels take place relative to each other, or maps showing where they're set, or more details of various sorts, but I'm afraid that's all I have for now.


The Published Novels

In order of first publication:

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